• On-line Diagnostics

Using technology

Fault analysis these days is often achieved by 'plugging in' a device which can recognise any technical faults. 

On the modern cars it has become a high tech business to find/detect problems. We use the latest tools where the vehicle allows.

Again, we can turn to online databases to provide us with vehicle specific details should that be necessary.

Top left image above -   is a tablet computer that can plug into the analysis socket within the car , and read any errors logged there. On the screen itself you can see that a specific model is displayed and we can access all the manufacturer's data on that vehicle.

Servicing & Repairs

We accept all makes of car and light commercial vehicle, and over time, have gained many regular customers. Naturally, there are scheduled service points in order to maintain your vehicle in good repair. We have the experience, the tools, and all the necessary resource through on-line technical information to complete that effective maintenance.

We use products by

This is the range of work carried out at NTM Garages Ltd.
  •  Schedule Servicing 
  •  Engine Repairs
  • Welding  &      Body Work
  • Private and Business Contract vehicles
  • Pre and Post MOT Servicing
  • Air Conditioning maintenance 
  • Car Wash and Valet
Remember that LOCALLY 
We will recover your vehicle if broken-down free of charge
---and locally
we are in easy reach of Lister Hospital and Stevenage Old Town