SO - This is where it all starts. 

You will meet our experienced staff who actually do the work on the cars.
Maybe you just want advice, possibly a quick check on your vehicle. 
Maybe to book a time slot for work, routine servicing, MOT. 

A Personal Service

You will find a family business serving customers who want to feel they can get that extra bit of attention, the personal touch, when it concerns the care of their vehicles.

WITHIN THE STEVENAGE AREA- We will come out and recover your vehicle, if broken-down, without charge

NTM have been engaged in the garage business in Stevenage for more than 40 years.

MOT Testing


 The MOT test takes 40 minutes ;  of course all is well with a pass! 

BUT, if your vehicle should fail, you are given a report/assessment of what work needs to be done. Wherever you choose to have that done, you have 2 weeks to present your vehicle again for a FREE retest.

 The MOT testing is done in a separate bay on the premises .

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